It's never too late to shine.

Specially designed for older learners, Silver Swans® ballet classes

will help improve your mobility, posture,

co-ordination and energy levels.




... is announced as ambassador for RAD Silver Swans® pilot initiative.

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Respected British journalist, television presenter and dance enthusiast Angela Rippon CBE has been named as the RAD’s ambassador for the pilot initiative.

Earlier this year, Angela attended a Silver Swans teacher training session and spoke to the teachers about the many health benefits of dance. She was also put through her paces, joining a group of the RAD's Swans in a sample class.

Angela says: 'I’m absolutely delighted to be the Ambassador for Silver Swans, having been involved in dance for many years, both professionally and in my private life.

'On my BBC programme How to Stay Young, we proved scientifically that dance is the exercise which ticks all the boxes, to give you the full mind and body workout. That really convinced me that dance is a way to ensure a long and healthy life; it keeps you supple, it’s an aerobic exercise, it gives you spatial awareness, it makes you use your brain, and it gives you some kind of social contact as well.

'I hope that men and women across the country will take up the Royal Academy of Dance’s invitation to become a Silver Swan.'

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