We believe in the importance of a well rounded student. Training in alternative disciplines...

Ballet is all about grace, beauty and hard work and is certainly one of the most rewarding subjects to study. It can be danced to tell a story, express feeling or just for its own enjoyment. 
Underpinning everything that Ballet is, is an understanding of how the body works, how it is put together and the mastering of the discipline of the subject.

All students are guided through a series of stages to give them a fundamental understanding of the subject and an appreciation of the art. 

Through a mixture of expertise, exploration and carefully chosen exercises students are encouraged to engage themselves in the process of learning in an approach that allows each to develop at their own rate within a clear and directed framework.

The principles of Ballet will help with all other styles of dance; precision, presentation and an awareness of the body that goes beyond knowing which foot to use next, ballet hones the mind and tones the body to prepare you for other styles you may choose to take on.



Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet.





Aiming to develop strength, flexibility and fluidity of movement within a more structured discipline, Gym relies on Teamwork to create stunning set pieces and individual skills to amaze its audience. Carried out in a caring, safe environment, students are encouraged to develop at their own rate working on floor-based routines for a variety of examination, competitive and performance purposes.


Contemporary draws on the many developments in dance in recent decades to inform new ways of movement. It is difficult to describe what Contemporary is as it is most easily defined by its continual evolution. There are a number of styles, methods and techniques (Alexander, Graham Cunningham, Lester Horton), all that fall under the banner of Contemporary but it can be described more for it is not like rather than what it is similar to. 

Contemporary provides many of the same benefits of Classical Ballet or Modern but takes it in a new direction just as challenging and definitely as rewarding and more open artistic interpretation, students build an awareness of their body, how they naturally move and improves mental agility.



Dynamic, energetic, elegant, spirited. Modern Jazz provides a basis of technique that can be translated into a broad range of styles. 

With Modern Jazz there is something for everyone - from big show-pieces to softer, lilting solos.

Its versatility as a discipline comes from its willingness to draw inspiration from many other styles of dance and incorporate them in a way that provides variety but is always based on the same principles of movement.

The wealth of experience of the teaching staff allows for a full exploration of the spectrum that Modern Jazz has to offer. An understanding of sound technique and a penchant for its artistry means that students are promised a rewarding journey in every class.


With an equal focus on the musicality and technique, it’s as much about how it sounds as it is about how it looks.

Tap’s history is one of trading steps with friends and stealing steps from rivals and this tradition is kept alive with students encouraged to learn, create, contribute and challenge.


A relatively new offering, Musical Theatre is all about the show. From vocal exercises and warm-ups to case studies and renditions of classic or contemporary big show tunes. Musical Theatre is the place to start preparing you for the spotlight.

Encompassing the three basic disciplines of the performing arts, acting, dancing and singing, Musical Theatre aims to give you the tools to take to the boards with the confidence of knowing that you can do it all. 

Working through a series of stages to build a good understanding of the needs of each subject area the next step is imagination. Pick a West End show or your favourite Hollywood Musical and then take it somewhere new. 

Musical Theatre promises to be fun, surprising and always exciting.


Theatre Craft aims to give students an understanding of the theatre in a broader sense. Students gain an appreciation of the varied theatrical styles as well as an introduction to the more technical aspects of working in the theatre – stage direction, theatre terminology and equipment.


If you’ve already got the threads, already have the attitude and all you need are the moves, this is the place to start. 


Fast and furious, Street brings it front and centre so no-one can miss it and makes sure that you never miss a beat.