Classes suitable for 18months-Adult

Head of Tap at the School:


Classes suitable for - 18months-Adult

Contemporary Dance allows you to feel strength, freedom and expression in the most wonderful way. Like many other dance styles, it is accessible to everyone. Whether you have taken contemporary classes before or you are a complete beginner, there is something everyone can learn from a class no matter what level they come in at.


For class, our training structures rotate drawing from Graham, Cunningham and Release techniques. At pre-vocational level, I find it's important to introduce the students to contact work, improvisation and creative sessions. These allow the students to develop their own creative language, in a supportive environment.


 If you're thinking of trying a contemporary class with us, get in touch and we we can advise you of the most suitable class for you to come and try!


Penelope established the school in 1982 and continues to pass on her knowledge to the dancers of today. Penelope is an RAD Registered Teacher, ISTD Approved and an IDTA Fellow. 

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